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Eric Zarnikow

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Executive Director


ISAC Mission: Making college accessible and affordable for all Illinois students. ISAC provides guarantee services and loan origination for student loans, administers grants and scholarships and provides outreach programs and services to help students plan for college and borrow responsibly. It also offers College Illinois!™, the state’s 529 prepaid tuition program.


6 years, beginning July 1, until successor is appointed and qualified Student, 2 years, beginning July 1 of odd-numbered years

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The membership of the Commission shall consist of one representative of the institutions of higher learning operated by the State; one representative of the private institutions of higher learning located in the State; one representative of the public community colleges located in the State; one representative of the public high schools located in the state; 5 citizens of the State chosen for their knowledge of and interest in higher education, but not employed by, professionally affiliated with, or members of the governing boards of any institution of higher learning located in the State, and one student member selected from nominations submitted to the Governor by multi-campus student organizations, including but not limited to, the Illinois Student Association, the Organization of Community College Students, the recognized advisory committee of students of the Board of Higher Education, and the recognized advisory committee of students of the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities.




10 appointed by Governor with advice and consent of Senate - 1 representing state higher education institutions - 1 representing private higher education institutions - 1 representing public high schools in state - 5 state citizens interested in, but not employed by, higher education and not members of governing board of any higher education institution - 1 student nominated by multi-campus student organizations - 1 representative of public community college Governor shall designate one member, other than the student member, as chairman (a tie is considered to fail)


Designated by the Governor


110 ILCS 947/15

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Ade, Payton 06/30/2023 12/16/2021 Governor Member, Student
Sabens, Franciene 06/30/2029 08/30/2019 Governor Member, Public High School Jackson
Amos, Maureen 06/30/2025 08/30/2019 Governor Member, Public Higher Education Cook
Hibbert, James 06/30/2023 03/13/2017 Governor Member, Citizen Cook
Bullock, Jonathan 06/30/2025 08/30/2019 Governor Member, Community College Coles
Huber, Kevin 06/30/2027 12/16/2011 Governor Chair, Member, Citizen Lake
Lopez, Elizabeth V. 06/30/2029 04/02/2019 Governor Member, Citizen Cook
Arrington, Darryl 06/30/2029 08/30/2019 Governor Private Higher Education Cook
VACANT 06/30/2027 Governor Member, Citizen
Dowling, Thomas 06/30/2025 03/27/2020 Governor Member, Citizen Cook