Compliance Advisory Panel, State

Board and Commission Details


There is hereby created a State Compliance Advisory Panel for determining the overall effectiveness of the Small Business Assistance Program within this State.



Senate Confirmation



Panel members should serve without compensation but will receive full reimbursement for expenses including travel and per diem as authorized within this State.


The Governor shall select two members who are not owners or representatives of owners of small business stationary sources to represent the general public; the Director of the Agency shall select one member to represent the Agency; and the State Legislature shall select four members who are owners or representatives of owners of small business stationary sources. Both the majority and minority leadership in both Houses of the Legislature shall appoint one member of the panel. The Panel shall select its own Chair by a majority vote. The Chair may meet and consult with the Ombudsman and the head of the Small Business Assistance Program in planning the activities for the Panel.


415 ILCS 5/39.5 (20)(g)

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
May, Karen 11/28/2011 Speaker of the House Member Lake
Davis, Alec Director, EPA Member
VACANT Senate President Member
Lee, John 09/28/2018 Governor Member Sangamon
Mathur, Bharat 08/15/2018 Governor Member DuPage
Armitage, Julie Senate Minority Leader Member Executive Director, Illinois Environmental Regulatory Group
Grant, Mark 09/14/2010 House Minority Leader Member Sangamon