Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Board of Trustees

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Rachel Force

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Board Secretary, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

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The Board governs the Academy, an institution offering both high school and college levels of instruction for talented students who have completed the 9th grade to prepare and interest them in fields of engineering, research, teaching, and computer technology, and offering programs and services to stimulate further excellence for all Illinois schools in mathematics and science; establishes criteria to determine eligibility of applicants for enrollment; approves subjects of study and extracurricular activities; awards certificates and issues diplomas (13 total voting members – 7 needed for a quorum)


6 years, and until successor is appointed.

Senate Confirmation





17 members total: 8 appointed by Governor: -2 representing general public -3 representing IL scientific community -3 representing IL private industrial sector; 3 appointed by State Superintendent of Education: -1 must be a math or science teacher; 2 appointed by Executive Director, Board of Higher Education: -1 must be a Dean of Education; 4 ex officio nonvoting members: -State Superintendent of Education, -Executive Director Board of Higher Education, -Community College Board Executive Director, -Superintendent of Schools in district of Academy location.


The Board shall select a chair from its members who shall serve a 2 year term as chair


105 ILCS 305/3

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Curci, Roberto 10/01/2023 01/07/2021 Governor Member, Public Cook
Corwith, Susan Richert 10/18/2025 02/12/2024 IBHE Executive Director Member, Higher Education, 1st Vice Chairman Northwestern University Cook
Roche, Dr. Erin 01/01/2024 09/14/2005 ISBE Superintendent Member, Secondary Education Rep. Principal Cook
Ostro, Ginger Statute Ex-Officio Executive Director, Board of Higher Education Sangamon
Durham, Dr. Brian Statute Ex-Officio President/Chief Executive Officer, Illinois Community College Board Sangamon
Craig, Dr. Jeffrey Statute Ex-Officio Superintendent, School District 129 West Aurora DuPage
Theard-Griggs, Carolyn 10/18/2025 08/11/2023 IBHE Executive Director Member, Higher Education
Rosner, Dr. Marsha 10/01/2023 09/01/1993 Governor Member, Scientific Community Professor, University of Chicago Cook
Sanders, Tony Statute Ex-Officio State Superintendent of Education, Doctor
Halliman, Dr. Tina 01/01/2024 12/31/2021 ISBE Superintendent Member, Secondary Education Rep. Superintendent
Brown, Eric 10/18/2025 10/17/2013 ISBE Superintendent Member, Secondary Education Rep. Teacher
Chin, Frederick 10/01/2023 08/12/2022 Governor Member, Private Industry DuPage
Clarke, Kathleen 10/01/2027 09/06/2016 Governor Member, Private Industry Chief of Network Operations, Chicago Charter School Foundation Cook
Núñez, Dr. Luis 10/01/2025 12/01/1999 Governor Member, Scientific Community Consultant, BioTarget and LNK Chemsolutions, LLC Cook
Sims, Herbert Steven 01/08/2026 01/08/2020 Governor Member, Scientific Community Director, Chicago Institute for Voice Care at the University of Illinois, Chicago Cook
Goddard, Tiy 10/01/2025 08/07/2020 Governor Member, Public Champaign
Anderson, Alaina 10/01/2023 03/19/2021 Governor Member, Private Industry Cook