Asian American Employment Plan Advisory Council

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Patricia Santoyo-Marin

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CMS-Deputy Director of Diversity and Inclusion

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The Asian-American Employment Plan Advisory Council is hereby created to examine: (1) the prevalence and impact of Asian-Americans employed by State government; (2) the barriers faced by Asian-Americans who seek employment or promotional opportunities in State government; and (3) possible incentives that could be offered to foster the employment of and the promotion of Asian-Americans in State government.



Senate Confirmation





The Asian-American Employment Plan Advisory Council shall consist of 11 members, each of whom shall be an Asian-American subject matter expert, appointed by the Governor.


20 ILCS 405/405-121

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
McKibben, Grace Chan 01/29/2016 Governor Member Cook
Jani, Nimish 10/23/2015 Governor Chair Cook
Jahangir, Nasir 04/02/2013 Governor Member DuPage
Mondero, Dennis 11/22/2019 Governor Member Cook
Kuriakose, Abin 11/26/2019 Governor Member Cook
Park, Hae D. (Paul) 08/12/2022 Governor Member
Joshi, Kalpesh 09/28/2018 Governor Member McLean
Herena, Ketkesy 12/04/2019 Governor Member Cook
Gurusamy,Shree 09/09/2022 Governor Member
VACANT Governor Member
Luangsomkham, Phimmasorn Lisa 11/25/2019 Governor Member Will