Toll Highway Authority, Illinois State

Board and Commission Details

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Christi Regnery

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Board Secretary

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The Authority is responsible for planning, constructing, maintaining, and operating state’s toll highway system; establishes toll rates; implements traffic rules according to state and federal law.


4 years, and until a successor is appointed and qualified

Senate Confirmation


Party Affiliation

No more than 5 appointed by Governor shall be from same political party.


Representation should reflect the geography and counties served by the tollroad system.


Directors: $31,427 per annum; Chair: $36,078 per annum


11 Directors -9 directors appointed by Governor with advice and consent of Senate - Governor, as Ex-Officio -Secretary, Department of Transportation, as Ex-Officio


Appointed and confirmed by the Senate as Chair for entire 4-year term


605 ILCS 10/3

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Rivera, Arnie 03/01/2025 02/17/2023 Democrat Governor Chair Cook
Sweeney, James 03/01/2027 02/28/2019 Democrat Governor Member Cook
Wright, Mark S. 03/01/2027 07/17/2023 Independent Governor Member DuPage
Perinar, Gary 03/01/2025 02/28/2019 Democrat Governor Member Will
Gomez, Jacqueline 03/01/2027 01/26/2021 Democrat Governor Member Cook
Neddermeyer, Melissa 03/01/2025 07/17/2023 Independent Governor Member Cook
Osman, Omer Statute Ex-Officio, Secretary, Department of Transportation
Paddock, Scott 03/01/2025 02/28/2019 Republican Governor Member Cook
Pritzker, Gov. JB Statute Ex-Officio Governor
Connolly, James 03/01/2027 02/28/2019 Democrat Governor Member Cook
McConnaughay, Karen 03/01/2025 02/28/2019 Republican Governor Member Kane