Volunteerism and Community Service, Illinois Commission on

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Noelle Ayoka Mota Samuels

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Executive Director

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535 W. Jefferson, 3rd Floor Springfield, IL 62702 Fax: 217-557-0515


Service Illinois promotes and supports community service in public and private programs to meet needs of Illinois citizens; stimulates new volunteerism and community service initiatives and partnerships; serves as a resource and advocate within the Dept of Public Health for community service agencies, volunteers, and programs which utilize state and private volunteers.


Voting members serve 3 year terms.

Senate Confirmation


Party Affiliation

No more than 50% from same political party


None specified.


Members: expenses; Director: shall receive such compensation as is determined by the Governor


40 members At least 25% of the members must be from the city of Chicago 15-25 voting members appointed by the Governor -expert in education, training and development needs of youth - an expert in philanthropy - a representative of labor organizations - a representative of business - a representative of Community based organizations - State Superintendent of Education - a Youth between 16 and 25 years of age who is a participant or supervisor in a community service program -an expert in older adult volunteerism -a representative of persons with disabilities -a representative of local government -a representative of a national service program 15 Bipartisan non-voting members appointed by the Governor & serves at the pleasure of Governor. Director, of Commission appointed by Governor, serves at the pleasure of Governor.


20 ILCS 2330

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
VACANT 05/01/2023 Democrat Governor Member, Representative of persons with disabilities Cook
Angelis, Jane 10/17/2012 Governor Member, Non-voting
Sanders, Tony Democrat Governor Member, State Superintendent of Education
Furlett, Natalie 05/01/2023 11/09/2017 Democrat Governor Member, National Service Program Representative Cook
Hosteny, John 09/11/2007 Republican Governor Member, Non-voting; Corporation for National and Community Service Cook
Holmes, Tiffany 09/21/2018 Governor Member, Non-voting Warren
VACANT Governor Member, Non-voting
Sims, Cynthia 10/08/2009 Independent Governor Member, Non-voting Jackson
VACANT Governor Member, Non-voting
Leonis, Catherine 08/24/2018 Governor Member, Non-voting Cook
Dietkus, Rachael 05/01/2021 05/14/2018 Democrat Governor Member Champaign
VACANT Governor Member, Non-voting
VACANT Governor Member, Non-voting
Schuman, Anne 10/17/2012 Governor Member, Non-voting Cook
Gremer, John 08/31/2018 Governor Member, Non-voting Cook
VACANT Governor Member
Christensen, David 05/01/2023 04/09/2021 Republican Governor Member Lake
VACANT Governor Member, Non-voting
Lathan, Howard 10/17/2012 Governor Member, Non-voting Cook
Kagan, Benjamin Robert 05/01/2026 09/26/2022 Governor Member, Youth Rep (16-25) Cook
Rueff, Amy 05/01/2022 03/12/2021 Democrat Governor Member, Labor Organization Macon
Jones, Brooke 08/15/2026 01/27/2023 Governor Member Cook
VACANT Governor Member, Non-voting
VACANT 05/01/2023 Governor Member
Drumgoole, Rosie 05/01/2025 06/09/2023 Independent Governor Member
Healy, Shawn 05/01/2023 11/03/2017 Democrat Governor Member, expert in education Cook
Peace, Curtis 05/01/2023 04/19/2021 Governor Member, Expert in Youth Development Cook
Davis, Laura 05/01/2021 09/21/2018 Governor Member
Long, Shelley 05/01/2020 05/18/2018 Independent Governor Member Cook
Angeloni, Allison 05/01/2023 05/14/2021 Independent Governor Member, Expert in Philanthropy Cook
Roberts, Carolyn 05/01/2024 03/12/2021 Republican Governor Member, Expert in Older Adult Volunteerism Cook
Copeland, Ami 05/01/2020 09/14/2018 Governor Member
Tubekis, Barbara 05/01/2016 10/17/2012 Democrat Governor Member Cook
VACANT 05/01/2024 Democrat Governor Member, Community Based Organization Cook
VACANT Democrat Governor Member
Myers, Jenne 05/01/2017 10/17/2012 Democrat Governor Member Cook
VACANT Governor Member, Local Government
Clarke, Scott 05/01/2024 04/30/2021 Governor Member Sangamon
Nelson, Ashli 05/01/2022 05/14/2021 Democrat Governor Member, Business Rep. Cook
Holland, Megan 09/14/2018 Governor Member, Non-voting