Joliet Arsenal Development Authority

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Richard Kwasneski

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Executive Director, Joliet Arsenal Development Authority

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To facilitate and promote the utilization of property with diversified projects and land uses that will create new job opportunities and foster new economic development within the area.


4 years, expiring on 3rd Monday in January, staggered years, until successor is appointed and qualified

Senate Confirmation



Members shall have recognized ability and experience in one or more of the following areas: economic development; finance; banking; industrial development; small business management; real estate development; community development; venture finance; organized labor; or civic community; or neighborhood organization.




10 members: - 4 shall be appointed by Governor, and be residents of Will County - 6 shall be appointed by the Will County Executive with the advice and consent of the Will County Board; (All members must be residents of Will county) 1 shall be a resident of Joliet; 1 shall be resident of Wilmington; 1 shall be resident of Elwood; 1 shall be resident of Manhattan; 1 shall be resident of Symerton. 1 shall be an At-Large resident of Will County


Elected by Board annually from members who are appointed by the county board of Will County.


70 ILCS 508/15

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Dorris, Warren 01/15/2007 05/01/1996 Governor Member Will
Adrieansen, Mike 01/18/2027 11/06/2023 Will County Member, Manhattan Will
Brophy, Tim 01/20/2025 10/13/2011 Will County Member, Joliet Chairman Will
McMillan, Wayne H. 01/17/2005 01/16/2001 Governor Member Will
Strong, Roy 01/20/2025 01/15/2009 Will County Member, Wilmington Will
Jenco, Doug 01/18/2027 11/06/2023 Will County Member, Elwood Will
Geiss, Eli 01/18/2027 11/06/2023 Will County Member, Symerton Will
VACANT Governor Member Will
Bottomley, Elaine 01/20/2025 11/06/2023 Will County Member, At-Large resident of Will County Will
Plese, Jay 01/15/2007 02/13/2004 Governor Member Will