Western Illinois Economic Development Authority

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Hubert Staff

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Board Chairman, Western Illinois Economic Development Authority

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Board Chairman, Western Illinois Economic Development Authority 217/228-8486 fax


The Authority promotes industrial, commercial, and residential development, services, transportation, and recreational activities and facilities in Warren, Henderson, Hancock, McDonough, Fulton, Mason, Cass, Schuyler, Brown, Adams, Scott, Morgan, and Pike counties and any navigable waters and air space located therein; authorized to issue bonds, enter into loans, contracts, agreements, and mortgages.


6 years, beginning 3rd Monday in January with staggered terms, and until successor is appointed and qualified.

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Residents of authority’s jurisdiction who have experience in economic development, finance, banking, industrial development, small business management, real estate development, community development, venture finance, organized labor, or civic, community, or neighborhood organization. Executive Director to have experience in finance, including requirements of issuing bonds, real estate or economic development, and administration.


Reimbursed for expenses


21 members -6 appointed by the Governor -1 each appointed by the County Board Chairman of the following counties: Warren Henderson Hancock McDonough Fulton Mason Cass Schuyler Brown Adams Scott Morgan Pike -Ex Officio Members: Director of DCEO or designee Director of CMS or designee


Elected annually by the Board, must be a public member


70 ILCS 532

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Freteug, Beau Schuyler County Board Chairman Member Schuyler
VACANT Fulton County Board Chairman Member Fulton
Garza, Salvador Statute Ex-Officio, DCEO Designee
Walker, Ken Mason County Board Chairman Member Mason
Brownback, H.O. 01/21/2019 01/21/2013 Cass County Board Chairman Chair, Member Cass
Teefey, Ed 01/20/2014 Brown County Board Chairman Member Brown
McLaughlin, Mike 11/30/2016 03/17/2010 Adams County Board Chairman Member Adams
Schafer, Robert Scott County Board Chairman Member Scott
Rennecker, Shawn 01/19/2015 Pike County Board Chairman Member Pike
Schwerer, Scott 01/18/2016 McDonough County Board Chairman Member McDonough
Denison, Terry Morgan County Board Chairman Member Morgan
Johnson, Robin 01/16/2017 Warren County Board Chairman Member Warren
VACANT Henderson County Board Chairman Member
Pittman, Michael 10/20/2021 Statute Ex-Officio, CMS Designee
VACANT Governor Member
VACANT Governor Member
VACANT Governor Member
Graham, Monte 01/16/2006 06/01/2005 Governor Member Fulton
VACANT Governor Member
VACANT Governor Member
Allen, Belynda Hancock County Board Chairman Member Hancock