Corrections Advisory Board, Department of

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Contact Name

Shelith Hansbro

Contact Title

Director's Office, Illinois Department of Correcrtions

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The Board advises Department of Corrections director on policy matters and programs for adults confined in state correctional institutions, and for the care and supervision of those released on parole.


6 years

Senate Confirmation



Members must have an interest in and knowledge of adult correctional work. No state officials. At least one member must be age 60 or over.


Reimbursed for expenses


13 members - 11 appointed by the Governor (1 at least age 60) - Director, Department of Corrections, ex-officio - Assistant Director, Adult Division, Department of Corrections, ex-officio


Selected by the board


730 ILCS 5/3-2-6

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Tapia, Nneka Jones 01/15/2026 07/07/2020 Governor Member Kendall
Williams-Schafer, Alyssa 07/08/2022 Statute Ex-Officio Assistant Director, Dept. of Corrections
Olson, David 01/15/2025 09/29/2009 Governor Member Cook
Vollren-Katz, Jennifer 01/15/2029 03/24/2023 Governor Member
Crivellone, John 01/15/2024 01/19/2018 Governor Member
Hughes, Latoya Statute Ex-Officio Director, Dept. of Corrections
Johnson, Lejia 01/15/2025 04/19/2024 Governor Member Cook
Mansfield, Alexis 01/15/2029 01/05/2024 Governor Member Cook
Williams, Xavier 01/15/2027 03/24/2023 Governor Member Kane
Watson, H. Richard 01/15/2019 01/24/2014 Governor Member St. Clair
Skidar, Reena 01/15/2025 03/29/2024 Governor Member Cook
Chamberlain, Marlon 01/15/2028 10/12/2022 Governor Member
Joseph, Sadie 01/15/2029 05/05/2023 Governor Member