Workers' Compensation Commission Review Board

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Annette Roti

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Confidential Assistant to the Chairman

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Executive Director, Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission 312.814.3520 FAX


Investigates complaints made against arbitrators and commissioners of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.


2-year terms beginning March 1 of an odd-numbered year until March 1 of the next odd-numbered year, or until their successors are named. The governor selects the public members.

Senate Confirmation





7 members: The senior labor and management commissioners serve on the board, while arbitrators elect one Chicago and one Downstate arbitrator; Two members who are not commissioners, arbitrators, or Commission employees are selected by the Governor.


Chairman of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission


820 ILCS 305/14.1. See also Part 7500 of the Rules.

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Sthankiya, Kisa P. 03/01/2025 07/14/2023 Governor Member Cook
Hanaford, Bob 03/01/1995 03/19/1993 Governor Member Cook
Heubsch, Jeffrey Statute Member, Chicago arbitrator
Pulia, Maureen Statute Member, Downstate arbitrator
Brennan, Michael Statute Member, Chair of the Workers' Compensation Commission
Tyrrell, Thomas Statute Member, Senior Labor Commissioner
Simpson, Deborah Statute Member, Senior Business Commissioner