Illinois Valley Regional Port District

Board and Commission Details


The Board governs the port district located in all of Putnam County and the townships of LaSalle, Peru, Utica, Eden and Dimmick in LaSalle County and Hall, Selby and Leppertown townships in Bureau County. ; promotes industrial, commercial, and transportation activities; constructs, operates or leases, and maintains port and terminal facilities; establishes and maintains public airports and airport facilities.


Of the members initially appointed, the 2 appointed by the Governor shall be appointed for initial terms expiring July 1, 1972. Thereafter, three years.

Senate Confirmation


Party Affiliation

No more than 4 members of the same political party


Residents of the District, including 1 resident of Putnam County, 1 resident of LaSalle County and 1 resident of Bureau County. Remaining members must reside in other areas of the District. No more than 4 members of the same political party. No financial or property interest in District business.


Expenses; secretary or treasurer may receive compensation fixed by the Board for services as such officer.


5 members - 2 appointed by the Governor - 1 appointed by LaSalle County - 1 appointed by Putnam County - 1 appointed by Bureau County Chair and Secretary appointed by Board


Elected by the Board


70 ILCS 1815

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
VACANT Bureau County Member
VACANT Governor Member
VACANT Governor Member
VACANT Putnam County
VACANT Lasalle County Member