Arts Council, Illinois

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Joshua Davis-Ruperto

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Executive Director

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The council provides public exposure to and an awareness of the importance of the arts; supports local development of the arts through monetary grants to individuals, artists, and associations.


4 years.

Senate Confirmation


Party Affiliation



One member must be over 60 and members should be interested in the Arts.




21 members, all appointed by the Governor, one must be over 60.


Designated by the Governor


20 ILCS 3915/1

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Pierce, Rhoda 04/03/2024 06/01/2004 Governor Vice-Chair
Begay, Les 04/03/2028 04/03/2020 Governor Member Cook
Clifford, Joan 09/24/2023 09/24/2019 Governor Member Cook
Daniels, Richard 04/03/2028 05/03/2013 Governor Member Cook
Kaplan, Anne 04/03/2024 04/03/2020 Governor Member Lake
Godinez, Henry 04/03/2028 06/17/2010 Governor Member Cook
Kavensky, Jodie 04/03/2024 06/01/2004 Governor Member Rock Island
Ratner, Hedy 04/03/2028 08/05/2022 Governor Member Cook
Herda, Sarah 04/03/2024 04/03/2020 Governor Member Cook
Daley, Nora 04/03/2024 04/03/2020 Governor Chair Cook
Maguire, Robert 04/03/2028 04/03/2020 Governor Member Madison
Montes, Peggy 04/03/2024 06/01/2004 Governor Member Cook
Steelman, Christina 04/03/2028 04/15/2016 Governor Member McDonough
King, Valerie 04/03/2028 09/04/2009 Governor Member Cook
Flynn, Gillian 05/01/2024 05/01/2020 Governor Member Cook
Heyman, Vicki 04/03/2028 09/23/2022 Governor Member Cook
Conn, Michael 04/03/2028 04/03/2020 Governor Member Richland
Ryan, Marsha 04/03/2028 09/02/2022 Governor Member Jackson
Madigan, Shirley 10/07/2023 06/01/2004 Governor Member Cook
Rami, Pemon 04/03/2028 04/03/2020 Governor Member Cook
VACANT 04/03/2024 Governor Member