Internal Audit Advisory Board

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Nikki Lanier

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The Board is responsible for promulgating professional standards and a code of ethics for all state internal auditors; coordinates training and peer review activities among internal audit units.


3 years, beginning February 1 of odd numbered years (No hold over language)

Senate Confirmation



Must be chief internal auditor and at least one must be from state college/university or university governing board


Expenses by his/her employing department


6 chief internal auditors appointed by the Governor: - 1 must be from state college/university, or university governing board; 5 Ex-Officio: - Chief Internal Auditor from Office of Attorney General - Chief Internal Auditor from Office of Secretary of State - Chief Internal Auditor from Office of State Comptroller - Chief Internal Auditor from Office of State Treasurer - Chief Internal Auditor from Department of Central Management Services


The board shall select a chairman and vice-chairman from its members.


30 ILCS 10/2005

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
VACANT Statute Ex-Officio, Member
Wagner, H. Jay Statute Ex-Officio, Member
Manning, Leighann Statute Member, Ex-Officio, Member
Zemaitis, Julie 02/01/2025 06/20/2008 Governor Member State College/University Champaign
Mallios, Stell Statute Ex-Officio, Member
Lanier, Nikki 02/01/2026 12/11/2020 Governor Chair Sangamon
VACANT 02/01/2023 Governor Member
VACANT 02/01/2024 Governor Member
Macklin, Amy 02/02/2027 04/21/2017 Governor Member Sangamon
Kirk, Stephen 02/01/2025 12/11/2020 Governor Member Sangamon
Rakers, Jack Statute Ex-Officio, Member