Chicago Transit Authority Board

Board and Commission Details

Contact Name

Greg Longhini

Contact Title

CTA Board Secretary

Contact Phone

(312) 681-5022

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The Board is the governing, administrative, and policy making body of CTA.


7 years, beginning September 1 of varied years.

Senate Confirmation



Residents of metropolitan area not employed by or officers of federal, state, county, or municipal government. Must have recognized business ability but no financial interest in authority business. Per Metropolitan Transit Authority Act 3605/20, “at least one must be a resident of that portion of the metropolitan area which is outside the corporate limits of the City of Chicago.” Cannot be a public employee.


$25,000 per year (or as set by Board)


7 members: 3 appointed by the Governor; 4 appointed by Mayor, City of Chicago; Secretary & Treasurer appointed by Board.


Elected by board


70 ILCS 3605/20

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Barclay, Lester 09/01/2027 06/03/2021 Mayor of Chicago Member Chicago
Miller, Johnny 09/01/2021 04/13/2016 Mayor of Chicago Member Chicago Cook
Lee, Michele 09/01/2028 05/11/2022 Mayor of Chicago Member Chicago Cook
Jha, Neema 08/31/2030 07/15/2022 Governor Member Chicago Cook
Jakes, Rev. Bernard 08/31/2025 08/16/2019 Governor Member Cook
Ortiz, Rosa 08/31/2028 12/03/2021 Governor Member Chicago Cook
Requejo, Roberto 09/01/2029 03/29/2024 Mayor of Chicago Member Chicago Cook