Workers' Compensation Advisory Board

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Annette Roti

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Confidential Assistant to the Chairman

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The Board assists the Workers’ Compensation Commission in formulating policies, solving problems, setting expenditure priorities, and establishing administrative goals. Prior to making appointments to the Workers' Compensation Commission, the Governor shall request that the Advisory Board make recommendations as to candidates to consider for appointment and the Advisory Board may then make such recommendations.


Initial terms expire 3rd Monday in January 2007, terms thereafter will be 4 years, ending 3rd Monday 4 years from the date of their appointment

Senate Confirmation


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None specified


Reimbursed for expenses


12 members appointed by Governor - 6 representatives of employees - 6 representatives of employers


The Chair of the Workers' Compensation Commission serves as the non-voting ex-officio Chair of the Advisory Board.


820 ILCS 305/13.1

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Horwitz, Mitchell 01/18/2027 09/24/2019 Governor Member, Employees Cook
Harris, Karen 01/18/2027 10/04/2019 Governor Member, Employers Cook
Prince, Mark 01/18/2027 10/04/2019 Governor Member, Employees Jackson
Medina, Louise Cuc 01/18/2027 08/04/2023 Governor Member, Employees Kankakee
Drea, Timothy 01/18/2027 01/27/2020 Governor Member, Employees Sangamon
Stott, Sean 01/18/2027 07/20/2011 Governor Member, Employees Sangamon
Karr, Robert 01/18/2027 02/14/2014 Governor Member, Employers Morgan
Kastner, Jill 01/18/2027 11/08/2019 Governor Member, Employers Rock Island
Denzler, Mark 01/18/2027 07/20/2011 Governor Member, Employers Sangamon
VACANT 01/16/2023 Governor Member, Employers
Knell, Charles Denne 01/18/2027 01/13/2020 Governor Member, Employers Peoria
Anderson, Aaron 01/18/2027 07/20/2011 Governor Member, Employees Kane