Nature Preserves Commission

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Todd Strole

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Executive Director

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The Commission maintains inventories and records of nature preserves, other natural areas, and species of plants and animals and their habitats; participates in protection and management of nature preserves; formulates policy and adopts rules for selection,acquisition, and dedication of land in nature preserves system, and protection of rare species' habitats, geological and archaeological sites, and artifacts.


3 years (may be appointed to two full terms) and serves until replaced

Senate Confirmation


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By statute, must be recommended by Director of Illinois Natural History Survey and of Illinois State Museum




9 members


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525 ILCS 30/4

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
DeMauro-Roth, Marcella M. 07/30/2026 07/21/2023 Governor Member Will
Kessel, Adam 06/30/2026 05/26/2023 Governor Member Cook
Miraglia, Radhika 06/30/2025 07/01/2023 Governor Member Cook
Szafoni, Robert 06/30/2025 06/30/2022 Governor Member Champaign
Lewis, Abigail 06/30/2018 01/24/2014 Governor Member, Chair Cook
Oplt, Toni Louise 06/30/2027 11/18/2022 Governor Member Madison
Evans, Christopher W. 06/30/2027 07/01/2024 Governor Member
Parker, Michelle 06/30/2025 06/30/2022 Governor Member,Secretary Cook
Clay, Thomas E. 06/30/2026 07/01/2023 Governor Member Jo Daviess