Upper Mississippi River International Port District Board

Board and Commission Details


To study the existing harbor plans within the area of the District and to recommend to the appropriate governmental agency, including the General Assembly, any changes and modifications that may, from time to time, be required by continuing development and to meet changing business and commercial needs. To make an investigation of conditions within the area of the District and to prepare and adopt a comprehensive plan for the development of port facilities and intermodal facilities for the District (including uses as industrial, manufacturing, commercial, recreational, or harbor purposes) To study and make recommendations to the proper authority for the improvement of terminal, lighterage, wharfage, warehousing, transfer, and other facilities necessary for the promotion of commerce and the interchange of traffic within, to, and from the District. To study, prepare, and recommend by specific proposals to the General Assembly changes in the jurisdiction of the District. To petition any federal, State, municipal, or local authority, administrative, judicial, and legislative, having jurisdiction in the District for the adoption and execution of the physical improvement, change in method, system of handling freight, warehousing, docking, lightering, and transfer freight that, in the opinion of the District, may be designed to improve or better the handling of commerce in and through the District or improve terminal or transportation facilities within the District. To foster, stimulate, and promote the shipment of cargoes and commerce through ports, whether originating within or without the State of Illinois or the United States of America. To acquire, construct, own, lease, and develop terminals, harbors, wharf facilities, piers, docks, warehouses, bulk terminals, grain elevators, boats, and other harbor crafts, and any other port facility or port-related facility or service, such as railroads, that it finds necessary and convenient. To perform any other act or function that may tend to or be useful toward development and improvement of harbors, river ports, and port-related facilities and services and to increase foreign and domestic commerce through the harbors and ports within the Port District. To study and make recommendations for river resources management and environmental education within the District, including but not limited to, wetlands banks, mitigation areas, water retention and sedimentation areas, fish hatcheries, or wildlife sanctuaries, natural habitat, and native plant research.


After the expiration of initial terms, each successor shall hold office for a term of 3 years from the first day of June of the year in which the term of office commences.

Senate Confirmation


Party Affiliation

Of the 4 members appointed by the County Board Chairs, no more than 2 shall be associated with the same political party.


All members of the Board shall be residents of the District and shall be known as Commissioners of the Upper Mississippi River International Port District Board. The members of the Board may serve with compensation not to exceed $6,000 per year and shall be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties. No Commissioner of the Board shall have any private financial interest, profit or benefit in any contract, work or business of the District nor in the sale or lease of any property to or from the District, except to the extent allowed under The Public Officer Prohibited Activities Act.


not to exceed $6,000 per year and shall be reimbursed for actual expenses


The governing and administrative body of the Port District shall be a Board of Commissioners consisting of 5 members, to be known as the Upper Mississippi River International Port District Board. - 1 Appointed by the Governor - 2 Appointed by the County Board Chair of Jo Daviess County - 2 Appointed by the County Board Chair of Carroll County


Selected by the Board


70 ILCS 1863/21

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Jahnke, Bill 06/01/2011 10/15/2009 Republican Carroll County Board Chair Member Carroll
Larsen, Lance 06/01/2024 01/09/2023 Republican Governor Treasurer, Member Jo Daviess
Brunner, Kurt 06/01/2012 01/20/2011 Carroll County Board Chair Member Carroll
Schwerdtfeger, Carl "Skip" 06/01/2012 11/10/2009 Democrat Jo Daviess County Board Chair Chair, Member Jo Daviess
Stier, Kevin 06/01/2011 11/10/2009 Republican Jo Daviess County Board Chair Secretary, Member Jo Daviess