Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees

Board and Commission Details

Contact Name

Matt Streb

Contact Title

Chief of Staff/Board of Trustees Liaison

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The Board of Trustees operates, manages, controls, and maintains the University in accordance with powers and duties now or hereinafter vested by law in that board.


6 years, from the 3rd Monday in January of odd numbered years, and until successor is appointed and qualified

Senate Confirmation


Party Affiliation

Yes, no more than 4 from the same political party


No member of board shall hold or be employed in or appointed to any office or place under authority of board, nor be an employee of state or federal government.Member must be resident of IL.




8 members - 7 members appointed by Governor with advice and consent of the Senate - 1 voting student member who is a student at Northern Illinois University Student shall serve a term of 1 year beginning July 1 of each year Ex-Officio Treasurer – member of NIU staff to be Board Treasurer


Elected by the Board


110 ILCS 685

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Gayles, Montel 01/20/2025 04/25/2019 Democrat Governor Member Cook
Barsema, Dennis 01/15/2029 01/23/2017 Independent Governor Chair Cook
Shields, Aiden 06/30/2021 07/01/2020 Student Body Vote Member, Voting Student Trustee
Athas, Rita 01/15/2029 04/25/2019 Democrat Governor Member Cook
Herrero, Veronica 01/20/2025 04/25/2019 Democrat Governor Member Cook
Strom, Leland 01/15/2029 10/16/2023 Governor Member Kane
Wasowicz, Eric 01/15/2029 01/23/2017 Republican Governor Vice Chair Cook
Butler, John 01/20/2025 04/25/2019 Democrat Governor Member Cook