Pharmacy, State Board of

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Diane Casas

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Assistant to Director/IDFPR Board Liaison

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The board reviews applications for licenses to practice pharmacy, rules on qualifications of applicants, recommends examinations, authorizes registration of successful candidates, and recommends disciplinary action for licenses.


5 years; no member to serve more than 2 full terms in his/her lifetime.

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Not considered


Pharmacists must have 5 years practical experience as a pharmacist subsequent to Illinois licensure.




The Board shall consist of 11 members, 8 of whom shall be licensed pharmacists. One of the licensed pharmacists shall have a primary site for the practice of pharmacy at an inpatient hospital pharmacy. Each of those 8 members must be a licensed pharmacist in good standing in this State, a graduate of an accredited college of pharmacy or hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy and have at least 5 years' practical experience in the practice of pharmacy subsequent to the date of his licensure as a licensed pharmacist in the State of Illinois. There shall be one member who is a pharmacy technician. There shall be 2 public members, who shall be voting members, who shall not be engaged in any way, directly or indirectly, as providers of health care in this State or any other state.


Elected by board


225 ILCS 85/10

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Muldrow, Edwin 04/01/2024 02/16/2022 Governor Member, Pharmacist Cook
Zimmerman, Robert 04/01/2020 08/12/2016 Governor Member, Public Member Cook
Mazzotti, Richard 04/01/2027 01/01/2004 Governor Member, Pharmacist Christian
VACANT 04/01/2025 Governor Member, Public Member
Scarpelli, Denise 04/02/2020 11/06/2015 Governor Member, Pharmacist Cook
Pietrandoni, Glen 04/01/2022 12/15/2017 Governor Member, Pharmacist Cook
Gazdziak, Atenea C. 04/01/2026 02/02/2024 Governor Member, Pharmacist Cook
McCann, Ryan 04/01/2022 01/19/2018 Governor Member, Pharmacist Cook
George, Tomson 04/01/2024 08/12/2022 Governor Member, Pharmacist Lake
Gard, Glen 04/01/2027 03/03/2022 Governor Member, Pharmacy Technician Cook
Wiggins, Carrie 03/24/2028 03/24/2023 Governor Member, Pharmacist Saline