Illinois Joining Forces Foundation

Board and Commission Details


The purposes of the Foundation are to: promote, support, assist, and sustain Illinois Joining Forces operations; solicit and accept grants and private donations and disburse them for the stated intent of the Foundation or the private donor; solicit and generate public and private funding and donations that assist in enhancing the Illinois Joining Forces mission, services, programs, and operations; and engage generally in other lawful endeavors consistent with the foregoing purposes. The foundation shall operate within the provisions of the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of 1986.


Two years

Senate Confirmation





1 member appointed by the Governor; 1 member appointed by the President of the Senate; 1 member appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate; 1 member appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives; 1 member appointed by the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives; All of the members of the Illinois Joining Forces Executive Committee, who shall be appointed by the Director of Veterans' Affairs. In addition to any veterans service organization otherwise represented on the Board of Directors, a veterans service organization may designate in writing an ex officio, non-voting participant to the Board of Directors. Any veterans service organization appointee under this Section does not count towards a quorum. The Director of Veterans' Affairs and a designee chosen by the Director of Military Affairs who is a senior management official of the Department of Military Affairs with the authority to make decisions on behalf of the agency shall serve as members of the Foundation's Board of Directors.


20 ILCS 2805/37

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Prince, Terry Department of Veterans' Affairs Member
Wilcox, Senator Craig 05/10/2022 Senate Minority Leader Member Sangamon
Castro, Christina 08/28/2022 08/28/2020 Senate President Member
Kifowit, Stephanie A. 01/25/2023 Speaker of the House Member
Rosenthal, Wayne 08/19/2014 House Minority Leader Member
VACANT Governor Member
Neely, Richard Department of Military Affairs Member