Comprehensive Health Insurance Board, Illinois

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Mindy Kolaz

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Deputy Director

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The Board supervises and controls Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (CHIP).


3 years, and until successor is appointed and qualified

Senate Confirmation



*At least 2 public members shall qualify for coverage under the plan or be the parent or spouse of such person.


Reimbursed for expenses


17 members (13 voting, 4 non-voting): - 13 voting members: - 10 public members appointed by Governor - 1 from GOMB - 1 from Office of Attorney General - Director, Department of Insurance, or designee; - 4 non-voting members: - 1 from Senate, appointed by President - 1 from Senate, appointed by Majority Leader - 1 from House, appointed by Speaker - 1 from House, appointed by Minority Leader


Director, Illinois Department of Insurance


215 ILCS 105/3

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Mautino, Frank J. Speaker of the House Ex-Officio State Representative Bureau
Bolnick, Howard 07/01/2014 07/01/2003 Governor Member Cook
McLeary, Thomas 07/01/2015 10/26/2012 Governor Member Cook
Serrano, Eva 07/01/2016 10/11/2013 Governor Member Cook
Hanfling, Brent 07/01/2015 10/26/2012 Governor Member Cook
Hill, David 07/01/2015 05/01/2008 Governor Member Cook
Stabile, Stephen 07/01/2014 05/01/2008 Governor Member Cook
Rana, Nasiurddin 07/01/2015 07/13/2013 Governor Member DuPage
Knobel, Alyssa 07/01/2014 10/26/2012 Governor Member Lake
Eaker, Ronald S. 07/01/2013 10/26/2012 Governor Member Champaign
Boron, Andrew Statute Chair, Department of Insurance
Syverson, Dave Senate Minority Leader Ex-Officio State Senator
Harmon, Don President of the Senate Ex-Officio State Senator Cook
Leitch, David R. House Minority Leader Ex-Officio State Representative Peoria
Moss, Michael Governor's Office of Management & Budget Member
Threlkeld, Ray Attorney General Member Cook
McAteer-Fournier, Carrie 07/01/2015 06/13/2013 Governor Member Cook