Plumbing Code Advisory Council

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Justin DeWitt

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Acting Chief, Division of Environmental Health

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Assistant to the Deputy Director, Department of Public Health


The Council advises the Department of Public Health on a minimum code of standards for plumbing, fixtures, materials, design, and installation of plumbing systems.


3 years.

Senate Confirmation



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12 members, 11 appointed by Governor - 4 Illinois licensed and working plumbers - 1 registered professional engineer working in construction & design of plumbing systems - 1 elected municipal official - 1 licensed architect - 2 representatives of consumer public - 2 labor representatives


Director, Department of Public Health, or designee, as chairperson Ex-Officio


225 ILCS 320/39

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Witt, Stephen 01/01/2020 11/20/2017 Governor Member, Licensed Architect Sangamon
Amaal Tokars Statute Chair, Ex-Officio Director, Department of Public Health
Osborn, David 01/01/2021 07/20/2018 Governor Member, Consumer Public Tazewell
Cramer, Henry 01/01/2020 11/20/2017 Governor Member, Professional Engineer Sangamon
Fuchs, Andrew 01/01/2017 01/11/2015 Governor Member, Licensed Plumber Cook
Kotel, Thomas 01/01/2020 07/20/2018 Governor Member, Labor Relations
Doolan, Dennis 01/01/2019 05/03/2012 Governor Member, Licensed Plumber Tazewell
Kroeschen, Gary 01/01/2019 02/05/2016 Governor Member, Licensed Plumber Marshall
Karner, Lynn 01/01/2020 01/11/2015 Governor Member, Labor Rep. Sangamon
D'Amico, John 01/01/2012 08/25/2011 Governor Member, Elected Official Cook
Potts, Beverly 01/01/2019 01/01/1996 Governor Member, Licensed Plumber Tazewell
Yock, John 01/01/2021 09/28/2018 Governor Member, Consumer Public Will