International Port District Board, Illinois

Board and Commission Details

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Erik Varela

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Executive Director

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(773) 221-1116

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The Board is the governing, administrative, and policy making body of district which embraces all the area within Chicago’s corporate limits. Develops district’s port and harbor facilities, issues construction permits, regulates district’s facilities and waterways, establishes and operates foreign trade zones.


5 years, beginning June 1. Members serve until a successor has been named, qualified, and confirmed.

Senate Confirmation



Business ability and residents of county embraced in part or whole by district, at least 1 member shall be a resident of that portion of the district which is outside the corporate limits of the city of Chicago and 1 member to be a resident of DuPage County; no private financial interest in district’s business affairs


Members are paid $20,000 per year. Chairman, elected by the Board is paid $25,000 per year. All must attend meetings to receive stipend.


9 members - 4 appointed by Governor - 5 appointed by Mayor


Elected by the Board


70 ILCS 1810/12

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Rodriguez, Erika 06/01/2025 04/28/2021 Mayor of Chicago Member
Bowen, Charles 06/01/2019 02/09/2005 Mayor of Chicago Member Cook
Wisniewski, Henry V. 06/01/2023 07/28/2011 Mayor of Chicago Member Cook
Solis, Ivan 06/01/2023 11/06/2019 Mayor of Chicago Chair Cook
Meltzer-Cassel, Danielle 06/01/2023 11/06/2019 Mayor of Chicago Member Cook
McClendon, Michelle 06/01/2027 10/15/2021 Governor Member
Edwards, Averil 06/01/2025 08/10/2020 Governor Member Cook
Sullivan, Terrence 06/01/2024 05/11/2015 Governor Member Cook
Sriraj, P.S. 06/01/2025 08/10/2020 Governor Member DuPage