Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission

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Benro Ogunyipe

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Executive Director

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The Commission advocates to improve communication access to all state program and services of Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons.


3 years, and until a successor is appointed and qualified, no more than 2 consecutive terms

Senate Confirmation



Residents of the state whose position, knowledge, or experience enables them to reasonably represent the concerns, needs, and recommendations of deaf and hard of hearing persons.


Reimbursed for travel expenses and up to $ 50 per day for lost wages


11 voting members appointed by Governor - 6 members to be persons who are deaf or hard of hearing -Gov shall consider recommendations by deaf and hard of hearing advocacy groups


Elected by the Commission


20 ILCS 3932/1

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Dubowe, Michael 11/14/2023 05/14/2021 Governor Member, Deaf McLean
Smith, Kevin 11/14/2022 04/30/2021 Governor Member, Deaf Cook
Frazier, David 11/14/2024 03/16/2018 Governor Member Cook
Barnes, Tyrone 11/14/2025 04/04/2022 Governor Member, Deaf Lake
Sevier, Joshua Dale 11/14/2025 05/22/2023 Governor Member
Krakora, Lori 11/14/2020 11/15/2014 Governor Member, Deaf Vice Chair DuPage
O'Brien, Dennis 11/14/2023 03/04/2016 Governor Member, Deaf Chair DuPage
Sender, Jennifer 11/14/2024 06/20/2021 Governor Member Cook
Draths, Jean 11/14/2024 09/10/2021 Governor Member, Deaf Cook
Jun, John R. 11/14/2024 09/27/2021 Governor Member, Hard of Hearing Grundy
VACANT Governor Member, Deaf