State Fair Advisory Board

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Jeremy Flynn

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Chief of Staff, Department of Agriculture

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The Board advises the Department of Agriculture on matters concerning operation of each state fair and state fairgrounds.


The terms of members of the State Fair Advisory Board appointed before the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 100th General Assembly shall expire on January 21, 2019. Initial appointments made on and after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 100th General Assembly shall be for terms of one, 2, and 3 years staggered to provide for the selection of 5 members each year. All subsequent appointments shall be for terms of 3 years. All terms shall commence on the 3rd Monday in January. An appointed member's office becomes vacant upon his or her absence from 2 consecutive regularly scheduled meetings.

Senate Confirmation


Party Affiliation



Interest in State Fair and Illinois. No more than 3 members from any one county.




20 members: 15 appointed by Governor; Director, Department of Agriculture, or designee, as chairperson; Chairperson and Minority Spokesperson, House Agriculture Committee; Chairperson and Minority Spokesperson, Senate Agriculture and Conservation Committee.


IDOA Director


20 ILCS 210/8

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Schilling, Tami Craig 01/18/2027 07/28/2023 Governor Member Washington
Rice, Nakesha 01/20/2025 05/14/2021 Governor Member Sangamon
Morton, Bert 01/15/2027 04/27/2022 Governor Member Sangamon
Scates, Timothy William 01/20/2025 05/14/2021 Governor Member White
Shaffer, Marie 01/16/2023 06/02/2021 Governor Member Cook
Costello II, Jerry Statute Chair, Department of Agriculture Director St. Clair
VACANT Democrat Statute Member, Senate Ag chair State Senator
Meier, Rep. Charles Republican Statute Member, House Ag Minority State Representative
Wilcox, Sen. Craig Republican Statute Member, Senate Ag Minority Chair State Senator
Obernagel, George III 01/20/2025 07/01/2003 Governor Member Monroe
Harper, Rep. Sonya Democrat Statute Member, House Ag Chair State Representative
Hook, William 01/20/2025 05/14/2021 Governor Member Will
Johnson, Gary 01/16/2025 07/30/2021 Governor Member Jasper
Cole, Amanda 01/20/2025 06/16/2021 Governor Member Fayette
Hadden, Gary 01/21/2019 01/23/2018 Governor Member Morgan
Slayton, John 01/20/2025 04/22/2015 Governor Member Sangamon
Bohnsack, James Edward 01/18/2027 08/11/2023 Governor Member State Fair Advisory Board Rock Island
Reinhardt, Larry 01/21/2025 10/04/2019 Governor Member Jackson
VACANT 01/16/2023 Governor Member Vermilion
Curtin, Ben 01/16/2026 05/14/2021 Governor Member Christian