Museum Board, Illinois State

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Meghan Lindstrom

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Executive Assistant to the Director

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The governing board advises the Department Director on administration of the State Museum; approves appointment and salaries of administrative, scientific and technical staff; reviews budget requests.


2 years, may serve until reappointed or until new appointments are made.

Senate Confirmation


Party Affiliation



10 years’ experience in natural sciences, anthropology, art, or business.




11 members - 10 appointed by Governor; 1 at least 60 years of age; and the Director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources or designee


20 ILCS 801/20-10

Member Names

Name Member Expiration Member Since Affiliation Appointed By Position Title County
Sharma, Ashish 01/15/2026 01/19/2024 Governor Member Cook
Davis, Wanza L . 01/15/2026 01/29/2024 Governor Member Sangamon
Brennan Blodgett, Tamira 01/15/2026 03/27/2020 Governor Member Champaign
Backstrom, Leverne 01/15/2026 03/27/2020 Governor Member St. Clair
Rice, Jonah 01/15/2026 01/16/2024 Governor Member Cook
Phelps Finnie, Natalie DNR Director DNR Director's Designee
Barker, John A 01/15/2026 07/24/2023 Governor Member Sangamon
Phalen, Sara A. 01/15/2026 04/01/2024 Governor Member DuPage
Pappan, Chris 01/15/2026 07/08/2022 Governor Member Cook
Murphy, Michael P. 01/15/2026 02/02/2024 Governor Member Sangamon
Shadur, Beth 01/15/2026 01/18/2016 Governor Member Lake